How To Get Hired As A Leapforce Search Engine Evaluator

Leapforce Exam - Search Engine Evaluator


How Do I Qualify To Become A Leapforce Search Engine Evaluator?

When someone first hears about the Search Engine Evaluator opportunity, they immediately want to know how to get hired. “They’re paying people to surf the internet?! Where do I sign up?!”

Like many aspects of working for Leapforce, the application process is the way other companies will be doing business about 10-15 years from now. Welcome to the future!



Leapforce openly states what skills they are looking for from Search Engine Evaluator applicants. If you possess any of these skills/competencies, put them on your resume!

  • Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities.
  • Have in-depth, up-to-date familiarity with American social culture, media, and web culture
  • Excellent comprehension and written communication skills in English
  • Broad range of interests, with specific areas of expertise a plus
  • University degree or equivalent experience (degrees in-progress are acceptable). Advanced degrees a plus
  • Possess and use a self-supplied high speed internet connection (DSL, Cable Modem, etc.)
  • Possess and use a self-supplied Android phone version 4.1 or higher, Windows phone version 8.1 or higher, or an iPhone version 4s or higher

Ultimately, you are being hired to perform ‘end user’ types of evaluation tasks, so Leapforce needs to know that you can think like an end user. My advice: don’t try to wow Leapforce with a list of obscure technologies you know about. Definitely don’t pad your resume or portray yourself as something that you’re not, (e.g. a technology guru). Just be yourself, be honest, but let them know you are a part of the digital age. Demonstrate that you have experience with the usual ecosystem of products/platforms that we all use every day to search online, watch videos, and catch up with friends, etc. Incidentally, if you DON’T have this type of relevant experience, that is probably the best indication that this work is not for you!



NONE! You literally will not talk to another living soul at any time during the hiring process. If you have any measure of social anxiety, Leapforce is the perfect job for you! Years later, I STILL haven’t talked to anybody in person. You’d be surprised how much more you get done this way, and how little stress you accumulate during the day. By contrast, I can still remember stressful interactions with bosses and coworkers from previous jobs years ago. I’m so grateful those days are behind me!



The what?! Yep, Leapforce can’t hire every muppet with a computer. They need to know that you can think like a Rater. In lieu of the antiquated and flawed interview charade that most employers still cling to, Leapforce screens its applicants by conducting a skills test. Passing is pretty straightforward IF you follow one simple rule.

But that’s a separate article. Stay tuned for my next post which will cover: What You Need To Know About The Leapforce Seach Engine Evaluator Exam