What You Need to Know About the Leapforce Search Engine Evaluator Exam

Should I Worry About the Leapforce Search Engine Evaluator Exam?


Before you can be hired as a Leapforce Search Engine Evaluator, you need to pass the exam. Exam?! Sounds scary, right? There is more chatter on the forums about this one aspect of getting hired by Leapforce than anything else. I know, because I’ve probably read them all. In this post, I’ll try to answer the most common questions.


1) Is the Exam difficult?

Yes and no. I’m willing to bet that most applicants pass or fail based primarily on how seriously they take the exam. If you plan to ‘knock it out’ a few hours before ‘Must See TV’, failure is almost certain. If you take this seriously and allocate 2-3 uninterrupted evenings, your prospects of passing go up exponentially.

Overall, the exam tests your ability to understand concepts. It’s a bit like learning a language; you’ll be introduced to specific terms and their meaning within the context of rating, then you must apply these terms accurately. Judging from my experience, Leapforce doesn’t expect perfection, (hardly!) More likely, they are looking for a glimmer of potential that can be cultivated in new applicants. They understand that molding deadly Search Engine Evaluator ninjas takes time.


2) How long does the exam take?

As long as any reasonable person could require. All told, I spent approximately nine hours to complete it, (3hrs per evening). That’s probably longer than many people would need.  In any case, you’re given DAYS to complete it. Seven, to be exact.


3) How do I prepare for the exam?

Now that you’ve picked yourself up off the floor after learning you can get paid to surf the internet, listen to this: The exam is open-book! Yes, you read that right. Leapforce will actually send you a study guide that teaches you how to pass the exam! This book is called The General Guidelines, and it’s about to become a big part of your life. The bad news? At the time of writing this, the General Guidelines is 157 pages long and CRAMMED with embedded links.

The exam tests you on only one thing: your ability to understand and implement concepts presented in the Guidelines. Read the Guidelines front to back at least once BEFORE taking the exam. I cannot stress this enough!


4) Do I have to read the ‘Guidelines’ prior to the exam?

Technically, no. However, Leapforce is literally giving you the answers to the exam. Attempting the exam without having first read this material is extremely foolish. You might be able to keyword search some of the answers, but you’ll be lost when asked to put the concepts into practice. Leapforce’s rating criteria is very specific. If you attempt to assess these tasks using common-sense or logic, (which you will be tempted to do), you will answer a large portion of the questions incorrectly and fail.

Some posters claim to have passed the exam without prior study. MANY more have certainly failed this way. I can think of no better way to guarantee failure than to flip through the Guidelines for the first time, during the exam. At best, you’ll pass after several anxiety-filled hours, only to discover the Guidelines waiting for you on your first day of work. Why? Because the work you will be doing requires you to know the General Guidelines to the letter. They will be your constant companion no matter how many years you work as a rater.


4) What are some of the exam questions?

I understand why someone would want to know this, but trust me, it’s not that kind of test. No, really. You can’t write the answers on the toes of your Converse All Stars, or stick them to the back of the seat in front of you. The questions won’t be in the form of, “How do you conjugate ‘this’ Latin verb?” They will be in the form of, “How do you speak Latin?”



The Leapforce exam is not a formality! Don’t be lulled into complacency by the fact that it’s open-book. It’s open-book because there’d be no hope of passing it otherwise. Regard this exam with as much respect as any test you took in college. Read the Guidelines at least once prior to the exam. Reread parts you don’t understand. The more time you spend on the Guidelines, the less stressful your exam will be, and the easier your first days as a rate will go. I can think of no better advice than this!


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