What is it like to be a Leapforce Search Engine Evaluator?

I thought you’d never ask! The simple answer is that it’s going to be exactly the way you make it. Do like to wake up to an alarm clock, then hit the ground running with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Or do you prefer to sleep in, then wander into the kitchen for a pancake breakfast? Do you like to work a 40 hour week, part time, during the day, or late at night? You can do any of these things and all of them.

For me, every day is like Sunday. I wake up when I want and usually have a nice breakfast in front of my computer, reading personal email, catching up on Facebook, maybe watch a couple Youtube videos. My neighbors have been gone for hours before I finally begin work, usually between 10am and noon. I generally work between six and ten hours per day, but sometimes I don’t work at all, (like today). I never work more than 40 hours per week, and usually less. When I do work, I listen to my favorite music, take breaks, eat fantastic homemade meals, and usually take a nap around 4pm. To many people, (myself included), this sounds like a dream life. Well…it is!

But what is more important than my work routine is the quality of my life when I’m NOT working. I don’t have to deal with insane rush hour traffic. I don’t wait in line at the Post Office. In short, I don’t have to complete with the rest of humanity for all of life’s necessities: groceries, gas, shopping, etc.  I do all these things when everyone else is at work. Did you know that the grocery store is nearly empty at 10am? In a few hours, you’ll be lucky to find a parking space, but at 10am there are more people stocking the shelves than there are customers. When you have the flexibility to experiment with your schedule, you soon realize that the vast majority of people do the exact same things at the exact same time. Like clockwork, they all come rushing from nowhere and descend like locusts, jostling for parking spaces, a check out lane, etc. Then they are gone, and the locusts become crickets. That’s when I show up.

When I am driving during the rush hour or grocery shopping at 6pm, I’m there because I choose to be. I could care less if the express lane is slow because I’m only there to buy a guilty pleasure box of cookies, not this week’s groceries. I did that on Monday. When you don’t need to be somewhere, you can enter into the mêlée without becoming part of it. The ‘drama’ of life still happens around you, you notice it, but you aren’t personally affected. Instead of being drawn into it, you are simply an observer. It’s a bit like walking around in a protective bubble.

And this brings me to the most important lesson I have learned as a Leapforce contractor: true wealth is time. In any given grocery store or on any highway, I am the one person who is not in a hurry. You’d be surprised how much gentler your day is when you have time; time to chat with a stranger, let someone go before you in line, or even let someone cut you off in traffic. You have time to be kind to yourself and to others. And that doesn’t just change your day, but the lives of everyone around you as well.

Finally, I’m a homebody, so spending the majority of my waking hours away from home is not an option. Working a 100% flexible schedule has allowed me to enjoy my home and yard to my heart’s content, work on my hobbies, and spend the last year of my dog’s life with her snoring happily by my side. Time is all that matters, folks. It is literally the coin of life. If you want to be truly wealthy, create more time. I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon this opportunity to actually live my life, not just earn a living.

Rest in Peace, Chia.

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